History display

was looking at the history display. It displays from the oldest first and I do not see a way to reverse to show the most recent first. This pretty much makes the history useless after awhile as I cannot get at the latest due to the method of slewing down the history listing. Suggest at a minimum to reverse and show the most recent actions first. and even better is give me some mechanism to set up the history display.

ps thanks guys for this software.


What history view are you referring to exactly?

Where it says logs on my switches

Groups/room/light upper right button logs

it says history for the identified light.

Hmm… weird… It’s the newest entry first for me…

Am I looking at the wrong one?

Don’t know what happened. must be something I did in scanning around. It is correct when I go in now.
sorry for the incorrect information.

No problem. If you see it again, please do let me know. You’re right that it should be newest first…