Group Display on Galaxy S8

I have Nymea working and displaying on a Iphone 7s, with multiple rooms declared. On the Iphone 7s, it shows several rooms when in the vertical . when in the horizontal mode it just rotates the vertical mode screen and waists half of the screen.

The Galaxy S8 (with the smaller screen), takes the whole display per room when in the vertical mode but when in the horizontal mode it shows multiple rooms.

Is there a way to cause the nymea Galaxy display in the vertical mode to show multiple rooms?
Is there a way to cause the nymea Iphone display in the horizontal mode to relay out the display to show more rooms in the available space on the screen?


Hi hiflyer, welcome to nymea.

Hmm, it should adapt the layout when rotating on the iphone… We had an issue with this in the previous version but that should be fixed already. Perhaps a leftover from that issue is in your settings. Could you please try to remove the app and reinstall it again? That should clear the settings and hopefully get rid of it. Please let me know if it worked.

About the issue on the galaxy S8, I’m afraid I don’t fully understand what you mean. Could you please post a screenshot of the issue?

attached is a pic of the screen on the android. It seems (using my iphone, there should be 4 groups showing on the screen rather than the 1.5 in this mode.IMG_1478

Oh, I see. Will fix this.

Ok, I’ve reduced the minimum tile size a bit to allow having 2 columns on the Galaxy S8 as well. It should be fixed with the next update. If you want you can join the beta program in the google play store and get the update a bit earlier.

Please do let me know if resetting the app settings on the iPhone fixed the rotation issue.

Iphone issue fixed.
will check android later.

I will not be joining the google play beta program as that is my wife’s phone and anytime anything happens on that phone after I have used it, I get the blame. I will wait for the update. when do you think that will happen?

Heh, OK. I totally understand. There is no fixed date set yet but I will keep this in mind and try to get it ready soon.

Well, in version 19 just released, the andriod is still not showing the 2 wide in the vertical position.

just thought you ought to know.

Hmm… Odd… Do you have version 1.0.187 of the app?

app ver 1.0.187
qt ver 5.13.0

I just tried in a simulator… This is how it looks…

Could it be there are some settings on the phone which zoom the user interface?

Right… I managed to reproduce it by going to the phone’s settings, display, display zoom and increase the value there…

Now I’m not really sure how to fix that… If I decrease the minimum tile size even more, it might cause certain setups (like yours) to display them too small that it doesn’t fit all the elements any more… After all this setting will also increase the size of all the elements everywhere…

I will check later as she is using the phone now. I agree, that is a local issue and not your problem to fix. I did not know there was a display zoom function.
Thanks for looking.