Google assistant stand alone


My android11 has nymea stuff in its Device Controls and at the same time i use Google Assistant for voice controlling apps.

This raises an obvious question:

Is there any chance to make Assistant talk to Device Controls(and/or Nymea)?

If i understand correctly, at the moment only way to make Nymea understand speech is through some dedicated hardware?


Hi @Ollip,

the Android device controls are a completely different thing than the Google Assistant.

Android device controls are provided by the app directly to the phone. In fact, with nymea everything works completely offline if you’re in the same network as the nymea instance. If you open the device controls remotely, it will connect through nymeas remote connection, but it will never go through googles cloud.

Google Assistant on the other hand is a completely cloud based service. The Google cloud also can only interact with other cloud instances which is why such support needs to be done in nymea:cloud, not nymea:app or nymea:core.

That said, we are working on integrating with Google Assistant (and Alexa for that matter) and have working prototypes but for $reasons, finishing it off takes us a bit longer than expected… Stay tuned…

Generally speaking, when it comes to voice controlling, we’re also experimenting with other solutions and hope to be able to bring offline voice command support natively to nymea at some point in the future.

If anyone here has experience with speech recognition engines and their training models, please don’t hesitate to share that.