Generic thermostat


Generic thermostat is great, thanks!

…but would be great if i could adjust the min-max values of the potentiometer. Now there is a risk to accidentally adjust it dangerously low or high… (using it in tub heating controlling).

Br, Olli

…and maybe the current temp. could also be shown in the view?

Hey @Ollip,

I’m looking into this one. Thanks for the feedback.

Hey again.
The latest experimental builds have a min/max setting. However, it’s a bit of a poor mans solution right now. Some parts in nymea currently can’t deal with dynamic min/max at this point. Somewhen we’ll fix that and it will work even better.

For the UI, I’ve worked a bit on the Thermostat view… I didn’t particularly like that one anyways and have redone it to fit better with the latest UI changes. It now shows the current temperature, the target temperature and whether it’s currently heating or cooling:

Once again your speed and energy in these tunings must be praised! This is definetily something to hold on to as your company grows. As it unquestionably does.

Dynamic min/max works as you described but I still can’t see the UI changes you show above. I did update all the experimentals.

Br, Olli

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For the UI changes you would need to sign up for the beta program in the google play store (or use a manual install from The stable app channel will only get that with the 0.26 release.