Generic Temperature Sensor No History

Dear all ,

At the Generic Temperature Sensor there is no records of the history after the update. Any advice please?

Thanks !

Hi. Is it only this one or logs not working in general?

log not working in general

Is influx db running?

I don’t know, where can I find this? The application log enabled is ON

Hmm… the core logs would be more useful in this case. Go to system-settings → developer tools and enable the debug mode. then open the web interface, go to the logs tab and see if errors related to LogEngine appear. You may also set the LogEngine logs to “debug” to get more information… If influxdb wouldn’t be up and running, we’d sure see errors there.

Is this a raspberry pi image or a custom installation on a Ubuntu server or something?

it is a raspberry pi. There is a ConnectionRefuseError

OK. yes, that would explain why it’s not working.

Not sure what went wrong here… Is it possible for you to ssh into the raspberry pi and then do some checks regarding influx:

First, check if it is running with systemctl status influxdb. It should say active (runnin) somewhere.

It that’s fine, Let’s try to manually open the DB with influx -database nymea (you may need to install influxdb-client first, with sudo apt-get install influxdb-client). If that starts without an error you can see if anything is there at all with show measurements and see if any results come back.