Generic Presence Thing


Is there a generic motion sensor? I can find a simulation but not an actual sensor?

Also, are there any plans for a webframe thing? It would be nice to display a camera image or stream :slight_smile:


There is now: GenericThings: Add a generic presense sensor by mzanetti · Pull Request #409 · nymea/nymea-plugins · GitHub

Will be in the next experimental build and released with 0.27.
Thanks for pointing this out.

As for the camera topic, for sure something we’ll be looking into but that’s not a 5-minute task like adding a generic thing :slight_smile:

Thanks @mzanetti

I guess you must have a long list! I hope you don’t get too distracted with energy systems to not make progress on your roadmap. There is something ‘special’ about nymea that I can’t yet put my finger on :thinking: - keep up the good work.

Hi @mzanetti

Good to know that the presence sensor is in the pipeline. I haven’t been able to get some cheap sonoff sensors recognised by my Conbee 2 network as I suspected. I have been able to get them into nymea using zigbee2mqtt with some minor scripts, but obviously can’t display the motion sensors, door sensors show up fine. These sonoffs are just for testing so no big deal. I imagine that openmqttgateway also works so whilst the zigbee functionality in nymea is maturing there is always zigbee2mqtt and if bluetooth/rf/lora is needed then openmqtt gateway is an option.