Generic Configurable Thing


Is it possible (if it doesn’t already exist) to have a Generic Thing that just holds a text string and/or configurable variable? Also, it would be good to have a ‘hidden’ group for such things.

This would allow me to use these ‘dummy’ things as a go between so that I can easily script a quick and dirty integration that may not be immediately on your roadmap.


Hi @3more, so far there isn’t… Anyhow, you’re not the first one to ask about this so I’ve created one. I guess it does qualify as a valid use case to use this as an intermediate thing for scripting. It should be appearing in experimental soonish.

About the hiding… I think the main “things” screen won’t be filtered… It is intentional that it holds all the things. However, it’s right that there must be filtered views. For now there’s the favorites and groups views that allow to do that, but we’ll be coming up with something better eventually. For now, this Generic thing will appear in the uncategorized section.

Hi @mzanetti,

That’s great news, thank you. I will try it out and give some feedback.


Hi @mzanetti

I have switched to experimental and loaded all packages including Generic Things but I can’t find the new Thing?


It’s here for me. I just tested.

Perhaps you need to restart once?


I get the Thing but no string state as configured in the JSON file?


Ignore my last comment - it all seems to be working well at the moment.

It really helps to keep track of values.

Thanks again

Ok. Glad it works… There were some bigger changes in experimental in the last few days. Maybe something wasn’t updating for you before.