Garage Door with position control

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Can you tell me please how to connect a Garage Door position control with Generic Power Switch as input ? If the Generic Power Switch is connected as output , when I open the door from the Garage Door icon the Generic Output turns ON and when I close the door from the Garage Door icon the Generic output turns OFF .
But if I turn ON or OFF the Generic switch the Garage Door icons does not change status .

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There are 3 types of garage doors:

  • Impulse based garage door
    You would use that if you have a single relay that operates the garage door. For example, many garage door drives support an input which will move the door whenever that input is closed, always toggling between open and close. There is no way to have a back-channel to tell the UI where the garage door is positioned and the UI would also just show a single button to “move” the door, turning on the wire for half a second to trigger the move impulse and then turning it back off.
  • Simple garage door
    You would use this one if you have a garage that has 2 inputs, one for open, one for close. The ui will show 3 buttons (open/close/stop) and turn on either one of the two wires to move the door accordingly, turning both off to stop the movement. Also here there’s no way to ask the garage door for its position.
  • Stateful garage door
    This one is for garages with a proper API, that one can query for the position, for example if a garage door supports MQTT. It has 2 control states (opening and closing) as well as a “state” state or even a “percentage” which would need to be updated by a script to set the value according to the current garage position as provided by the garage.

Stateful garage door is what I am looking for . I need the “state” for open and close of the door . For example if I open the door via app and then someone else close the door manually , I would like to know from the app the latest status of the door. But I can not find in the Configure Things "Stateful Garage Door " . Is any plugin to install ?

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Should be in nymea-plugin-genericthings

" Garage Door with Position Control " is this the Stateful garage door ? I did some tests and it has open-close-stop . If yes is any documentation to read about the script or can I have an example of the script please ?

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Yes, the garage door with position control is the one.
There’s a “percentage” state which you can set from your script… 100% would be closed, 0 would completely open.

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