Fronius inverter values


It seems the values reported in the totals graph for energy produced and energy consumed for a fronius inverter with smart meter are wrong (in my case). For example, while the fronius inverter API reports 14kWh produced yesterday, nymea shows 22kWh. On the other hand, the “to grid” and “from grid” values look ok, only produced/consumed are too high. Where does nymea get these 22kWh from?

Hi @gst ,
nymea actually uses the Fronius JSON API directly, so I’m wondering where those additional values are coming from.

I’d start looking into the details view of the inverter and meter things in the nymea-app, and check if those Energy values are the same as in the Fronius interface. If so, we know the plugin itself works correctly and we might have to search in a diffent location.

Are you using the nymea or nymea:energy?

I’m using nymea with the dashboard and energy views.
If I look at the logs, I see that it fetches “Aktuelle Leistung” and “Total produced energy” from the inverter, and “Current power usage” and “Energie verbraucht” from the Fronius Smartmeter TS 65A (yes it appears in this mix of German and English in the Log).
These values look ok to me, that’s consistent with what I see in the Fronius App. But how it calculates the summaries for the day/week/etc. production/consumption out of that is unclear

Hi @gst

The energy view keeps it’s own logs and adds up the counters from the various devices in the system.
Why yours jumped I can’t say for sure without further information. Perhaps you ran into a situation where the fronius device/plugin reported an invalid value, causing the energy view to add something twice.

To verify that, open the details view for your fronius inverter and then longpress the total energy produced field to enter the logs. In the chart at the top, check if that increases continuously or if there’s a jump to 0 and back up somewhere. It also may help if you’d send the file /var/lib/nymea/energylogs,sqlite so we could examine it. In order to reset the energy logs you can delete that file and restart nymead. The energy view would then clear and start from scratch syncing up on your configured devices.


thanks for your help. I think I found the source of the problem. I have things not only for the fronius inverter and smartmeter, but also for the grid provider meter. And in the energy view totals graph it adds these things together, even if in the settings I have the flag unset to exclude the grid meter. So the energy produced shown is what the fronius produced plus the grid feed. But as the grid feed is already part of the fronius production, it’s counted twice. Same probably for consumption.