Forthcoming Dashboard?


If the plans to develop a dashboard for nymea are still progressing I would like to say that an iframe type widget would be top of my list. This will provide a mechanism to tailor some aspects of the nymea ui.

Thanks for all the hard work

The dashboard is progressing. Slower than I hoped but I’m getting closer.

What’s an iframe type widget?

Hi @mzanetti

It is a box frame that displays a web page. This means that you can put any web data in it, e.g. grafana charts, weather information, or even a web widget.


^^^ would be very cool.


Latest preview builds have this now.

Excellent news :slight_smile:

Is it ready for testing?

It’s in the beta channel of the google play store for android (There should be a button to join the public beta) and in the experimental repository for the Raspberry Pi and linux pc.

For iOS we can’t easily run a public testing channel as Apple wants to manually review every uploaded build.


I can’t really see any difference other than being able to rearrange the boxes in the favourites tab?

There should be a new main view named Dashboard now.

Hi Michael @mzanetti

I don’t have android devices and can’t see where this is in the linux version?

Please can you point me in the right direction, thanks.

Beta channels for the app are available at:

  • Windows, macOS, Android (manual .apk install): Index of /nymea-app
  • Android: on Google Play, join the beta
  • Ubuntu/Debian (dpkg repository): deb <distro> main
  • Raspbian (dpkg repository): deb buster rpi
  • Linux with snap: snap refresh nymea-app --channel edge

Ah, yes sorry - I missed that the beta versions were in a different directory! :grimacing:

The dashboard is fantastic and although I know that I asked for a web frame I wasn’t really expecting it! This alone takes nymea forward significantly and for me it means that a lot of content can now be part of the same solution. It will be interesting to see how creative the community is with this part.

The folders function is a nice touch and negates the need for the separate view tabs. I really like the simplicity - true to nymea’s mantra of ‘it just works’.

I would like to be able to resize all widgets in the way that you have done with the webview by specifying columns and rows.

Does/could QT support the use of rtsp in the webview?

I know it’s early days but the dashboard is a major step forward by retaining simplicity and ease of use with the ability to do some level of customisation.

Most other IOT systems sacrifice ease of use for high levels of customisation that is often not necessary, after all it should be about automation. I think nymea gets this balance right even though I often find myself wishing it was harder, more difficult and therefore a technical challenge. However, that misses the point so I will just have to get used to it being easy and straightforward to use! :slight_smile:

I will create more dashboards over the next few days but can’t wait to see how others will use it.

Thanks for the nice words. As for RTSP, this really depends on the platform:

On Windows and Linux it will use the QtWebEngine as a browser backend. I’m not sure if that supports RTSP but you can probably find out.
On Android it will use chrome.
On iOS and macOS it will use Safari. I could use QtWebEngine on macOS but that wouldn’t allow distributing the app through the app store any more.

(This is also the reason why it behaves a bit worse on Android and iOS, given the web view is not actually embedded in the app but instead the OS creates an overlay above the app. Because of this it is not possible to draw anything on top of a webview on those two platforms. The closest I could get was to hide/resize the webview accordingly.)

For resizing more stuff: Yeah, I suppose some more parts could be resizable but that’s also effort to paint the content properly without it having too much empty space or being cluttered. Currently used items are mostly made for a certain size.