Feature Request

I would like to suggest a modification to your magic logic.

when I select “when any of these events happen” and I select a time event what would be very useful is to have the event to be from time 10:00 to time 11:00 such that when the time is between 10:00 and 11:00 then it executes a power on action and when it is not between those times it executes a power off action. Yes I know I can create 2 separate rules for this but I would prefer that it was all contained in a single rule. Seems much cleaner and easier for the user to maintain should changes be necessary. And it should also maintain the capability to have mutiple such times ranges specified.

Hi @hiflyer - cool feature request!
I think that would be essential for e.g. setting heating controls.
Like: Morning and evening time 22 degrees, daytime 19 degrees (or something like this).
I think we definitely should put that on the roadmap.
FYI We continually prioritise feature requests by customers and the community and hope we see that soon in Magic.

Hey @hiflyer,

This should already be possible… But instead of using “event based rules”, you would want a “state based rule” for this:

  • Go to “Add new magic”
  • Create some magic manually
  • Do something while a condition is met - Configure
  • During a given time
  • Select from 10:00 to 11:10 and confirm with OK
  • Then add an action to turn the light on when the condition comes true
  • and add an action to turn the light off when the condition isn’t met any more

Is that what you’re looking for?

Sorry for the bother.