Feature Request: Plugin for Sonos

It would be cool if you will implement a plugin for Sonos, so you can display the current running tracks and control the devices.

I know Sonos also support MQTT, but would be nice to have a cool nymea plugin.


I’m afraid noone of the currently active devs have access to such a device, but I agree they are cool and would be a nice addition to nymea.
I’m about to ramp up to rework some media stuff in nymea, it would fit nicely in there. I’ve put them on my amazon whishlist.

Bose soundtouch would be cool too😁

Just had a look at the Bose website. They seem to be launching a new “Smart Home API” soon in addition to their “Smart Speaker API”.

The Bose SoundTouch plug-in is almost ready:

The sonos plug-in is on it’s way but it takes time.
You can see the progress here:

Will it get automaticly be installed to my plugins?

Once it comes to the stable repository, yes. You can, if you’re brave, also enable the testing repository and get a prerelease earlier.

Progress can best be tracked here: https://github.com/guh/nymea-plugins/pulls

Once it’s completed, the “WIP” in the title will go away, then it’ll be tagged as “experimental” and from there it can be installed on nymea systems with the experimental repository enabled. When a branch is tagged with “landing” means it will be available in the testing repository. And when the testing repository passes QA the branch will disappear from that list and the plugin will appear in the stable release.

A quick update:

The sonos plugin didn’t make it in time, but is still in the works, however, the Bose Sound touch plugin is now in the testing repository and can be tested by enabling the testing repository in the app. We plan to release it to the stable channel soon too.

0.15.1 has just been released with support for Denon Heos devices… Sonos is still in the queue, sorry. It is mostly ready but requires authentication through OAuth which will be supported in 0.16.

And with 0.16 - out now - Sonos support is included too.

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