Feature Request: Plugin for MELCLOUD

Hi @ll!

I’m still quite new to nymea.io and I’m trying to map all use cases for myself. What I’, missing, would be a plug-in for the MELCLOUD to control a Mitsubishi air conditioning system and to display its values, such as current temperature, power consumption, etc. In addition, it would of course be great if you could control the mode (i.e. only ventilation, cooling, heating, drying and change temperature).

Do you think such an integration would be feasible?

Hi @david2482, welcome to nymea.

Is there an API available for this including documentation? If so, it should be rather straight forward to create an integration plugin for it and it’s mostly a matter of when someone finds the time to do so.

Hi mzanetti,

thanks for your reply. I know there is a good implementation for HomeAssistant and i think there are using the same api. Maybe someone can try to adapt it to nymea:

In HomeAssistand it is also possible to see the powerconsumption of the ac. Maybe this is also possible with nymea…
I would love to go with nymea and hope there is a implementation in the feature. Until now i like nymea pretty much and hope i can use it for all my appliances.