Feature Request: Notification or Error when switching to a Scene

Now that i figured out how to get a GPIO input in (Slap on the head) It would be very cool if there was a way to create a notification or error when switching to a scene based on inputs.

Reasoning: At the facility here, when the work day is over the last employee will switch to the “Away” scene, which turns off most of the lights and leaves night lights on. If the rear warehouse door is open, it should give some sort of an error, or indication, so that they cannot engage “Away” mode.

This would be very cool…

Right… I suppose the biggest issue here atm is that the Raspberry Pi doesn’t support notifications so far… Yeah, that’s on the list.
Apart from that, this should work, so if you have any other way of notifying the user (e.g. a color light which you could turn red, a mobile phone you could send a push notification, a media player you could play a sound on…

As an interim solution I guess one thing that you could do is to install the commandlauncher plugin and x11-utils and then run something like this from the rule/scene…

DISPLAY=:0 xmessage "Door is unlatched"

For the rule (aka magic) you’d need something like a condition that checks for the door sensors being closed, if yes, execute the away mode actions, else, execute the above xmessage command.

Hope that helps