[Feature request] Hue plug-in

It could be nice to have an option to import groups (rooms/zones) from the Hue bridge and use those in Nymea.
Maybe even scenes perhaps?

When using the hue bridge with the hue plugin, scenes are accessible by browsing the bridge. Groups could maybe be added by adding virtual things from within the hue plugin and reading them from the bridge… Both of that of course will only work when using the hue lamps through the bridge, and not directly via ZigBee.

Now or is this an future feature? I can’t seem to locate that in Nymea?

Could it be possible that when adding a hue bridge, that the things from Groups and Scenes is accessible in the plugin, ready to be selected and added. Like if i want a group from the Hue bridge, i add that group (room/zone) and that is then selectable in the lights tab?
Or if i want a scene, that could be added to the scenes tab?

The scenes on the bridge is already supported. When adding a hue bridge, a gateway thing will appear for the bridge and that one has a folder icon in the toolbar which allows to browse scenes. Can’t make a screenshot as I removed the hue bridge ever since nymea supports ZigBee natively… I suppose groups could be done in a fashion you describe it… I for one probably won’t find the time to do that…

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