Feature Request - Folders in favorites tab

Hi There!

Is it possible to include the possibility to create folders in the favorites tab? Why not using the folders tab??? Because the folders tab is alphabetically sorted and i cannot change it and second, there are subfolders in the folders tab for sockets, lights, sensor and so on.
It would be great to handle that more flexible with the favorite tab.

Thank you very much!!!


A customizable view (Icon or list) would be awesome!

Yes, this would be good Indeed. Thanks for the feedback.

Alternatively, it would be nice to be able to add e.g. the “Lights” group (now only available on Things tab) to the Favorites tab, instead of only the individual lights.

I don’t display the Things tab on the bottom row to avoid clutter, but adding all lights to the fav tab individually would create too much clutter as well.

By making the lights group available in the fav tab, the user could access all lights from there with a single press. This would enhance user experience on small screens such as iPhone app or RPi touch screen.

Agree on this one too…folders for indivual things in favorates tab would be awesome. Or ability to create a tab for a list of things…


Hey folks, I hear ya… I’m playing around with a dashboard view currently… There are still some design questions to iron out and there’s quite some work left to do but as a preview so you can get excited already :smiley: With some luck 0.27 might get this…

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