Feature Request : Connect Nymea with Draguino Lora Gateway

Hi i am beginner user of nymea, I hope nymea can connect to draguino Lora Gateway or at least connect to The Things Network because Lora radio is used for precision agriculture and the sensor gateway can receive sensor node on long range.

Hi @lukman83,

sorry, currently there is no Lora support in nymea. That doesn’t mean we’ll never get it, but it’s also probably not happening very soon. It sure would be an interesting addition to nymea though.

Do you know if that Dragino gateway offers an API to connect to?

thanks for response, i love nymea very much because it can use offline, it’s cost effective for rural area, i think if we can connect nymea and use smart rule provided by nymea it will huge advantage for farmer on developed country, ok i will read their user manual, and try to connect it, and thank you for considering it as plugin, it will be easy use for non programer if there is such plugin from nymea thank you.