Eq-3 eqiva thermostats

I bought 5 thermostats to use with nymea,but I’m not able to connect them.

I can search and add them through configure things, but than nymea states that the thing is not connected.

How do i connect them? Is there a way to pair the devices with nymea? Cannot find any configurable parameter.

Thanks in advance,


Hello @Foenky, welcome to nymea

I’m using 4 of those myself here too. Have you tried pressing the round button for 5 seconds until they show the “Pair” text int he display? I did notice that sometimes those thermostats refuse connection attempts until that pairing mode has been activated.

They will also show a PIN number right after the pair text, however, that pin number is actually not required… Not entirely sure what EQ-3 had in mind with that, probably only for identification if you have multiple of them.

Please let me know if it works by activating the pairing mode. I will create a task to improve the instructions for that plugin.

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Hi @mzanetti,

Great to hear you have them working. It should work, but no luck yet. Tried several options with the device in pairing mode and without. Devices are added, but no connection. Also having all the five thermostats already on the radiators is confusing, because I have no idea which one is where :wink:

I thinkI will remove the batteries of 4 and continue with only one …

Maybe the problem lies with the Raspberry pi and I have to look over there, but no clue yet.

Nymea is detecting the thermostats with bluetooth onboard. I also have a dongle, but that isn’t working at all, so I will stick with the onboard bluetooth.

Keeping you posted and any ideas are welcome

Ok. So I got the thermostat closest to the Raspberry Pi working!

I think the bluetooth signal is to weak for the other thermostats …

Will try getting the dongle to work …

Right… The raspberry pis onboard Bluetooth is a class 3 device I think… The range isn’t too great with it. For me it works fine for the 3 closest ones (up to ~5m, no walls) and the one in the bedroom where there is a wall in between and it’s some 7m of distance loses connection every once in a while but seems to reconnect fine after a few seconds most of the times… So that’s good enough for me.

For the external dongle, nymea will use the first one available… So you probably will also need to disable the internal one by adding this to config.txt


Not sure, never tried this so far.

Hi! My 2 Cents since I got some experience with those too:

Onboard RPi Bluetooth isn’t good enough to have apartment-wide coverage with those thermostats.
I was trying around a lot using a RPi3 and couldn’t establish a stable setup.

With other hardware (I got i.mx6 based boards and other SoMs) it works flawlessly.
So software should be fine - once BT is good enough, it works.
Hopefully the dongle solves your problem.

Currently the onboard bluetooth works better than the dongle … Will have to sort that out first.

Thermostat are working with nymea, but not good enough yet.

Will continue on that.



Great, thanks for the update. If you feel that there’s something that can be improved in the software, don’t hesitate to let me know.