Embed BerryLan code within another android app


Good evening and awesome job with this tool!

i found Berrylan code in github at this link https://github.com/guh/berrylan

I was wondering if there could be the chance of including it inside an android application i want to develop.
The goal is to have a built-in raspberry connecting tool inside an area of the application.

If the answer is yes, how could i achieve that using android studio? Every help would be really appreciated!


Hi Kalsifer85,

thanks for the feedback, we are glad you like it :slight_smile:

We developed the mobile application using Qt (c++ and QML), which allows us to write native code for all platforms. We integrated the feature in our app (nymea-app https://github.com/guh/nymea-app) but also that application is written in Qt. For a native android studio integration I’m afraid you would have to implement the Bluetooth LE API for the nymea-networkmanage (https://github.com/guh/nymea-networkmanager#bluetooth-gatt-profile).

If you have any questions regarding the API, feel free to ask :slight_smile:



Hi Kalsifer85,

can you please give some more detail on the toolkit/language you intend to use for your application?

It could also be possible to link our code in a native Android application depending on your used license (Either open source or Commercial Qt). I think I could provide some help with the wrapper layer to Android JNI.

If you cannot link to Qt at all, you’d have to do what Simon said and implement BerryLan’s Bluetooth GATT layer in your app. That should be possible with both, JNI and other toolkits like ionic/cordova etc… There are apps written with ionic which do this although not open source. The maveo app in the android store is one example.


Thanks for the Replies. I will dig more into those details you gave me.
My goal basically is to interact with the raspberry (I/O and so on… ) and connect to it in the same way berrylan does. All built-in into a single application.
Any further suggestion is very much appreciated.

Thanks for the kind support.