Editing mqtt actions in magic

I have create some magic where the action is to send a message over mqtt which works. The issue I am seeing is if I try to edit the existing action, when I open it, it shows True in the topic (not what I set there). true is what I set in the payload originally. It show 2 in the payload which was what the QOS value was set to. The QOS is set to the left hand end of the slider which is the number 0. Any clue why this is happening? I have checked on both my Ubuntu Nymea-app and in my Iphone Nymea-app which both show the same thing.

You’ve discovered a bug there :slight_smile:

And fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

when will that fix roll out?

It’ll be a bit until the 0.29 comes along. If you want to get the update now you can install the app from one of the experimental/beta channels.