Edimax sp 2101w

Im interested optimizing electric energy consumption in combination with awattar time based tariff. Therefore I would use cheap wlan smart plug e.g. EDIMAX SP 2101W to control the runtime of non-intelligent devices like dishwasher or washing machine.
Is it possible to integrarte EDIMAX SP 2101W smart plug?
Is it possible to have a detection when a device is started (e.g. consuming > 50W for 15sec) and then stop it again to move the runtime to a hour with cheap energy? (SMA does it already this way with SMA Home Manager system for PV optimization.)
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The EDIMAX SP 2102W is currently not yet supported. At this point I am not familiar about what possibilities this device offers to extract the data from it. If it exposes an API in some form, it should be possible to integrate it into nymea.

For your particular use case: While you can create rules and automatism with nymea, this particular one is probably a bit too complex for the nymea Rule Engine at this point. You can automatically turn on/off devices based on various criteria, like, a certain time frame, or when the current electricity price is low (for instance by grabbing the price with the awattar plugin) but at this point detecting things like “consuming >50W for 15sec” is not supported. We are, however, continuously working on exptending nymea and will keep this feedback in mind.

You need variable:

Get current power:

curl -s -X POST -d '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8"?><SMARTPLUG id="edimax"><CMD id="get"><NOW_POWER><Device.System.Power.NowCurrent></Device.System.Power.NowCurrent><Device.System.Power.NowPower></Device.System.Power.NowPower></NOW_POWER></CMD></SMARTPLUG>' http://admin:12345678@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8"?><SMARTPLUG id="edimax"><CMD id="get"><NOW_POWER><Device.System.Power.NowCurrent>0.2871</Device.System.Power.NowCurrent><Device.System.Power.NowPower>52.49</Device.System.Power.NowPower></NOW_POWER></CMD></SMARTPLUG>

Switch on:

curl -s -X POST -d '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8"?><SMARTPLUG id="edimax"><CMD id="setup"><Device.System.Power.State>ON</Device.System.Power.State></CMD></SMARTPLUG>'  http://admin:12345678@

Switch off:

curl -s -X POST -d '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8"?><SMARTPLUG id="edimax"><CMD id="setup"><Device.System.Power.State>OFF</Device.System.Power.State></CMD></SMARTPLUG>'  http://admin:12345678@

Ok, that helps. Doesn’t look like it’d be hard to create a plugin for this.

I’m wondering, can you detect those devices in the network? Can you try to discover it with

avahi-browser -avr

and see if the output contains information about it (install avahi-utils if the command is not known on the system)?

If there’s nothing, can you try to see if it responds to UPnP search queries?

A short update on this.

We are working on a new ScriptEngine for nymea. With that it should be possible to set up the above use case of monitoring a device’s power consumption and act on that.

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