Display stay black while reboot

Hi Folks,

seems there is an bug in any (Linux) Package and the Fake KMS option.
Since yesterday I ran into an issue while booting - the display stay black and there is no output.

I troubleshoot it and after a while I remove “dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d” from option.txt (on the SD).

I can reproduce this Issue while doing a clean install (see: https://nymea.io/en/wiki/nymea/master/getting-started/raspberry-pi), sudo raspi-configAdvanced OptionsGL DriverGL (Fake KMS) and (?) aptitude upgrade the Packages.

So if you running in this Issue, try this for solving.

Thanks for pointing this out. I have updated the wiki with the new image which has this already set.

It now also comes with nymea:app preinstalled which should be rather handy if you have a display at your Raspberry Pi.