Deye microinverter

I am running a Revolt 300W and one deye 2000W inverter at the Bosswerk Integration.
I discovered the pull request. May I ask what is missing for the Integration to be released? I 'm interested in the DC voltages and Power data, especially on the 2KWs 4 Channels. Can I contribute somehow maybe via testing something or via poking around with curl?


The reason why I haven’t finished this plugin yet was because the modbus like protocol on those devices isn’t working too great. It certainly is good enough to build a decent plugin but it has some limitations: polling can happen only very slowly or the device will stop responding or send invalid data. Also it isn’t possible to get information about the wifi signal strength.

While it would give more detailed data in some areas (like you say, voltage of individual panels etc) it would also lose other details. Anyhow, I still think it would make sense to replace the Bosswerk plugin with this one, but I wasn’t super excited about it any more and then some more important/interesting tasks came in between. I certainly want to finish this eventually.

Indeed I think you could help here, the plugin code should be mostly complete and functional already but it’s only tested with the Bosswerk mi 300 (deye 300) so far and likely the modbus register definitions are missing for your inverters. I’ll try to find a bit of time to provide something usable for you to test and add the modbus register json files for your models. If you are able to build the plugin yourself, feel free to go ahead in the meantime.

Btw, did I understand you right that the Bosswerk plugin is working for the deye 2000 too?

Thank you for the insights.

So maybe hybrid approach: grabbing the RSSI like before and polling the registers at a different interval?

I have done that yesterday, but still have to try driving the Inverter via a lab PSU, to become independent of daylight ;). My current one is thin on Amps, but I will get another one on weekend.

That is what I am about to figure out. I did not try yet, but that would be the second best outcome.

Indeed, that was my thought too… The only thing that’s odd is that the webinterface requires a login while the modbus port does not… So we’d need to add the login just to poll the wifi signal strength which sucks a little bit, but I guess it’s ok as the signal strength seems important information to me as solar panels are normally not mounted very close to the wifi access points. This is also mainly the reason why I was asking if the bosswerk plugin works for other deye inverters too as that would mean we could add this to the solarman plugin too.

Right… From a developer point of view, it’s the most annoying thing that those devices shut down when the sun goes down… Especially if one is a night-owl like me :smiley:

Please evaluate that, yes. Depending on the outcome of this the hybrid approach would work or not.

Sorry no progress yet. I’ve got the stronger PSU but the weather is way too good now. So I’m juggling with the Chainsaws instead. Next winters energy.

But later at couch mode, I discovered we had bad press for our Inverters.
So your statement

combined with an always open AP with an unchangeable default login is more than odd. But it should be solved via FW updates and configuration already.

What drew my attention, is they’re saying they could access some settings via AT commands providing even a tool to test.
This opens a bucket of very attractive data points/settings for the plugin. Even variable Power output seems to be possible.

I thought I’d rather take a note on that.

Hah, yes, I’ve seen the same news report… Still need to request the FW upgrade for mine. Thanks for the reminder.

Indeed… What’s also interesting is that apparently it can be converted to Island mode. Not that I’d need that, but with the current energy situation, who knows when that may come in handy :smiley:

Back on topic, I also haven’t found the time to look at it yet but I haven’t forgotten about it.

I can confirm the deye SUN2000G3 does work with the Bosswerk plugin out of the Box. Just like my SUN300G3.

Their actual branding is:
“revolt ZX-3134-675”
for the 300W one by

I powered the inverter via one DC Input. That is sufficient for the web-interface to start.
I tried to connect the AC side too, to “produce” some power back… but obviously did not satisfy the MPPT with my linear Lab PSU, even if i maxed both controls.
The pointers and limiter LEDs did just flicker. I think 3,5A at 25V on just one channel are still not enough for the big inverter.