Device for Energy Smart Meter

Hi ,
Does any one know what is the name of the device that can connect with Energy Smart Meter ?
Is there any documentation about this ?

Thanks !

There are many different energy meters available. Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to achieve?

I want to read 3 phases AC Volts-Amps and history of KWh .Also to get notifications of this measurements if it is possible.

The following 3-phase energy meters are supported currently:

  • Shelly 3EM
  • Pro380-mod
  • SDM630
  • mecMeter

Or, when using a solar panel with a solar inverter, these normally will measure the entire household consumption too. Currently supported are:

  • Fronius solar inverter
  • SunSpec compatible inverters

I’m using the shelly 3EM.

I’m in the process to update the website to make the integrations list better.

Thank you , I will do my research and let you know