Dashboard with bigger fonts

I have Pi touchscreen mounted on the wall showing the nymea dashboard. What is a pity is that the font size for the values in the temperature (netatmo) or power consumption/production things or graphs is way too small to read from distance. Is there some way to show these values using a big font size?

Thanks for the feedback. There isn’t a way to increase the font sizes currently but your feedback is appreciated and we’ll consider the use case as we improve nymea.

Unless you are able to patch the code. In which case you may be able to achieve something to your liking by editing the files in nymea-app/ui/qml/dashboard/

Ok, thanks. The temperature (or power consumption) values are the relevant information in these dashboard things, but they are shown only small in the lower right corner:

It would be nice to have the values more prominently displayed, like for example:

(sorry for the two separate posts but as new user I’m allowed to upload one image only)