Custom Nymea "Thing" for Tasmota based ESP8266 platform

Hello all,
I was looking for an IoT platform that can perform few specific applications. And caught my attention. It looks very simple to use and to integrate. But being completely new to this platform I am facing a little bit of a problem navigating through it. I was wondering whether someone can help me with the following topics.

I am using ESP8266 and Tasmota. and I wanted to send a couple of digital pin statuses in the form of Logic levels and also data from one analog sensor. My main intention is to use nymea as an MQTT broker on Raspberry pi and currently, I also wanted to see if Nymea was receiving the proper data.

  1. Is it possible to add custom “Thing” in nymea so that I can monitor those three data (two digital input pin status and one analog input) sent from ESP8266?

  2. I also wanted to run other apps on the Raspberry pi, like running a media player and using a mouse and keyboards and maybe a few GPIO operations. Please correct me if I’m wrong, if I install the Nymea image on PI, I am no longer is able to use all those operations. Is there a way to run Nymea and also to use the Pi as a general computer?

Thank you very much.


Hi! Welcome to nymea!

For your first question:
nymea has a Tasmota plugin. Install that using sudo apt install nymea-plugin-tasmota, restart nymea and you should be good to go.

The second one: the nymea image is based on Raspberry OS light with a few changes in network management. You can do and install anything you want on it. :slight_smile:

To clarify a bit more on question one: I suppose in this case, what you want is to set up your tasmota device to connect to nymea’s MQTT broker and then use a “MQTT client” thing to subscribe to the topics published by your tasmota device. Then you can plug JS code using nymea’s script engine to further process the data in whatever way you want. For example if create a “General Temperature sensor” and feed in the actual data from the data you get from MQTT.

@Simon and @mzanetti, thank you very much for your suggestion :smiley:. I’ll install the plugin and also implement a client to see how it goes.


Also have a look at
if you plan custom mqtt communication. :slight_smile:

I was just checking it out :joy:, thanks again :smiley:

I was trying to install the Tasmota plugin to Nymea. Right now Nymea is running on my Raspberry pi 4 and I am running the Nymea app on my android phone. Maybe I am checking in the wrong location because I could not find any kind of console option in the Nymea android app to perform the sudo operation to install the Tasmpta plugin.

Also, I have connected a display to my Raspberry pi to see if I can perform the operation from there but as it looks exactly like the app on the android device, I also could not locate anything there.

Should I install a fresh copy of the regular Raspberry pi operating system on my PI and then manually install Nymea. In that way will I be able to use the command prompt of my PI to perform the sudo operation?

You should be able to install additional plugins under Setting → System update → Packages using the app, but be aware that you need to restart nymead after installing a new plugin. Dynamic plugin loading is on the roadmap, but for now a restart of nymead is required. You can also do that using the app under General settings :slight_smile:

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You can open a terminal by ssh into your raspberry.

ssh nymea@nymea.local should work.
standard user/password is both nymea