Cross-compiling jenkins not found

I am currently trying to compile a plugin. I just get the following message:

crossbuilder -a armhf -u bullseye
LXD_IMAGE: nymea:nymea-builder-bullseye-amd64
Using single image container
Using DEB_BUILD_PROFILES: nocheck nodoc autodbgsym
Build type: Binary
\033[0;32mBuilding guh-plugin-buderus for armhf and deploying to device.\033[0m
\033[0;32mCreating LXD container guh-plugin-buderus-bullseye-amd64-armhf using nymea:nymea-builder-bullseye-amd64.\033[0m
Error: Remote nymea exists as
Creating guh-plugin-buderus-bullseye-amd64-armhf
Error: Get “”: Unable to connect to:

Seems like your crossbuilder is outdated .

If it is up to date. Try lxc remote delete nymea

Crossbuilder will add it again with the new url.


lxc remote remove nymea

solved the issue