Create Access Point, no IP Address shown

I set up Raspberry with BerryLan App on iPhone 12 with iOS 16 as Access Point.
The Access Point gets been created successfully, but very often the IP address is shown for 0,25s or less on the last screen ‘Thank you for using BerryLan’.
Normally, the IP address should be displayed as long as I don’t close the App.
Is this a bug or is there anything I could configure?
Best regards

Hmm… the IP address is currently not shown at all when creating an access point. I suppose what you’re seeing very shortly is a leftover from a previous run where you connected in client mode before the page updates the content.

I just deleted the access point with nmcli c delete NAME and did a reboot.
Then I created a new access point with new name and did some screen shots with video/slow motion.

Press “Close Access Point”, wait for 1-2 seconds.
Very shortly the IP address is shown. This is the correct one (compare to ‘ip a’). I do not use this IP address in any other network, so this must be the BerryLan one.
Then the IP address gets greyed out before not visiable any more