Crash recovery and migration

I just ran the updater with some 40 new updates. This thoroughly crashed my Raspberry Pi installation. Even after powering off and of the nymea:app was not able to connect to the core.

This is not a problem because the system was set to experimental and the whole setup was for testing only and I intended to reinstall it soon in order to test another ZigBee coordinator. So, no damage has been done.

Still: the incident makes me think of a few questions I couldn’t find in the available documentation.

How do I backup and document the whole setup? In HA, for instance, there is a function which dumps the entire settings (including all rules and scripts and such) to a file which I can export from the server running the IOT. I can then import all that stuff into a newly installed system on even a completely different architecture and restore to a working state within a few minutes.

Is there a similar capability in Nymea?

yesterdays experimental had a problem, yes.

you may upgrade now manually with

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

should work again.

Generally it’s only advisable to run experimental if you’ve got some understanding on how to recover things. Experimental is named like that for a reason…

There are already threads in the forum that explain how to backup the system. Basically it comes down to copy all the files in /etc/nymea/ and /var/lib/nymea

Currently there is no backup/restore solution available from the UI. There are plans for such a feature though.

Thank you. After the upgrade and restarting the system everything seems to work again. Thanks also for the pointer to the threads re backing up. I’ve missed those.