Countdown timer

Hi I was wondering if there is a generic thing for time?
meaning I want to start a countdown timer from the kitchen screen so when the time passes I’ll get a notification and will play a sound.

I know how to do everything except starting the timer for a specific timer I chose from GUI.
meaning once start the timer for 35mins and another time start it for 1:30H
I don’t see an input parameter in the Countdown thing I found!

I want something like this pic with an input parameter for choosing the time not having the timer hardcoded when adding the thing.
Screenshot from 2021-05-17 00-06-19|690x388

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Yes, there is, it’s called “Countdown”. IIRC it’s part of nymea-plugin-datetime. You can install that from system settings → System updates → Install/remove software. Make sure to restart after installing it.

Edit: Just see now that you have found this, but you’re asking for something else… Right now I don’t think there’s a way to easily set that up… But it would sure make sense I suppose. Need to think about where this might fit best…


definitely would be useful to;

  1. have a “Set Time” button within the countdown thing (instead of navigating through the thing’s configuration)
  2. have the countdown time showing under status and updates in real-time as it approaches 0s.

Sample impression hereunder: