Connecting with tado no possible

Hi there,
today I started setting up my smart home devices in nymea. I could connect my Philips hue lights and accessories with no problem. (Although the motion sensors had generic names unlike the other devices.)

But when I tried to connect my tado account to nymea, I would go back to the things overview after typing in my credentials. No new device was found and no error message.

Not sure what I could do wrong here. Can anybody help?

Hi Max,
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Does the Tado account appear as a new thing?
What kind of Tado devices do you have? Maybe the plug-in
misses support of the devices type.


Hi @bernhard.trinnes,

no the tado account does not appear as a new thing. tado only has smart thermostats and I have two of them connected to my account. There would be no point supporting tado if thermostats are unsupported device types.

I’ve found the issue,
there is a bug in the latest Tado plug-in version.

It will be fixed ASAP and you will be notified as soon
as the new version is available.

Thx for reporting,

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Thank you for looking into.

This is fixed and released now. Thanks for reporting.