Connecting with tado no possible

Hi there,
today I started setting up my smart home devices in nymea. I could connect my Philips hue lights and accessories with no problem. (Although the motion sensors had generic names unlike the other devices.)

But when I tried to connect my tado account to nymea, I would go back to the things overview after typing in my credentials. No new device was found and no error message.

Not sure what I could do wrong here. Can anybody help?

Hi Max,
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Does the Tado account appear as a new thing?
What kind of Tado devices do you have? Maybe the plug-in
misses support of the devices type.


Hi @bernhard.trinnes,

no the tado account does not appear as a new thing. tado only has smart thermostats and I have two of them connected to my account. There would be no point supporting tado if thermostats are unsupported device types.

I’ve found the issue,
there is a bug in the latest Tado plug-in version.

It will be fixed ASAP and you will be notified as soon
as the new version is available.

Thx for reporting,

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Thank you for looking into.

This is fixed and released now. Thanks for reporting.

Hello together,

I also have problems implementing my Tado account into nymea. I always get the error message “something went wrong … wrong username or password” But with the same username / password combination, I can login via the official tado app as well as via tado homepage into my account without any problems. So the error must be definitely something else.
I remember I had a similar problem with another plugin longer time ago. The problem there was, that some special characters in the password weren’t encoded properly.

Thanks for your help!

Hmm. I’ll need to look into that but I’m away for the weekend. In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could enable the tado logs ( system settings, developer tools, debug interface, in the logs tab) and see if you’re getting a better error message there.

No problem, take you time and enjoy your weekend.

That’s what the logs show (did replace the QUuid by x) - for me more or less the same error message, but hopefully it helps you …

W | Tado: Confirm pairing failed, wrong username or password
W | Tado: Request error: 400 “Error transferring - server replied: "
W | ThingManager: ConfirmPairing failed for “Tado-Benutzerkonto” QUuid(”{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}")

Thanks again!

Ok. I’ve just asked @Simon who also uses tado and it seems to work fine for him, so it’s probably again something small where they changed the initial authentication process. Shouldn’t be hard to fix. I’ll be back about this next week.

Thanks for the logs.

Hey, so I’ve created an account and tested the login with the plugin. Everything worked fine. Looking at the above log, which says “wrong username or password”, my guess is that your password contains a “special” special character which causes the encoding for the login to fail, perhaps a % or similar. Looking at the code I could indeed find an issue with the plugin where it would fail to properly encode such characters. I’ve filed a pull request which should fix that and it’s currently building in experimental.

I knew you could fix that easily … :+1:
I can now log into my Tado Account without any problems
Thanks a lot for your help,

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