Connecting Generic Blinds to Sonoff things


I’ve tinkered a 4ch sonoff to control my Somfy blinds via an extra remote i have. i wired the remote’s buttons directly to the sonoff’s outs.

The problem is i can’t attach any of the Generic Blind’s outputs to Sonoffs switch things. The 4ch Sonoff just isn’t in the pull down list of Blind’s connections.

Obviously i haven’t had the change to test generic blind in real life, but i think th Somfy way to control those is not supported in any of the 3 generic blinds types. In somfy, there are following buttons: Up, Down, My, Pulse up, Pulse down. The latter two are made by a roller button. As said, i don’t quite yet know if i can get it to work reasonably with the delay settings of the generic Venetian blinds

BR, Olli

Hey @Ollip,

I suppose you’ve flashed them to Tasmota and are using the Tasmota plugin?

Yes, Tasmotized them succesfully. The sonof is workin in nymea, when switch outputs manually in the sonoff channel’s “details”.

Ok… So, the tasmota plugin has been created before nymea supported the “Generic I/O” connections.

Currently you’d need to select the blinds during the setup of the of the tasmota device. However, that’s kinda legacy and I really should update the plugin to support the Generic I/O stuff…

…i think i have to make some Magics manually to each button to connect those…

…But then it says:

ok, that one might be a bug in the app. It never should allow creating an invalid rule… will need to look at it…

That happened in the stage of creating a new rule.

BR, Olli

So, for now, please try with this:

I’ll update the plugin to make it work with the Generic things stuff

Hey @Ollip

I’ve added support for the generic I/O stuff in the tasmota plugin now. It’s building currently in experimental. Once that build is through, you can connect generic things as usual to the tasmota devices in their settings (Disregard the connected devices option during the tasmota setup, I’ll deprecate that and remove it in some future release eventually).

If you don’t mind switching your setup to experimental (or setting up a temporary one for testing), would you mind testing this too? I only have a tasmota dual channel device so I can’t test the quad channel one on real hardware myself.

FWIW, here’s the branch that adds this:


I checked the experimental button and updated all the plugins. But it’s like nothing changed in the environment. I even rebooted the nymea core system. I also reinstalled both the tasmota and the blinds things. The tasmota plugin is 0.26.0 202101210009 , is the build ready yet, was i too fast?

There’s a build timestamp in the version number… Your build is from the 21st of January. So yes, give it a bit more time. It needs to build packages for some 20 distribution/architecture combinations…

btw, it’s built now: nymea-plugin-tasmota_0.26.0+202101231507~buster+rpi1_armhf.deb

Works like a charm!

To make it support fully Somfy remote’s functions, the buttons should be pulse type and the shade tilting as separate buttons or a roller of some sort. The “My” (Programmed position) button would also be nice, but it does’nt fit the 4ch Sonoff anymore. Would these tweaks be useful for anyone else?

The reason i’m tinkerin with this is that the Somfy Tahoma bridge costs ~300€!

You might want to try the generic Venetian blinds instead?

I did, but it does’nt comply fully either. Same problem with the pulse type buttons and lack of separate tilting…

Edit: Indeed the Venetian blinds thing has the pulse buttons, so it’s better!