Confused with raspberry GPIOs

So I intend to start using nymea, I like the concept so far. What I want to do first is to add things on the GPIOs of my pi0 running nymea:core. (stock nymea buster image installed)

My issue is that youtube videos are ~3 years old and invalid (raspberry plugin is not in the list of the nymea:app or nymea-cli). Google does not give any hits, and documentation is a little sparse to get started. I tried generic switches / sensors, but they make make no sense to have to program when all I want is to test things out with a reed relay or a button.

So essentially, my question is - anyone has a decent tutorial or video that could get me started?

Hi @itarill, welcome to nymea,

thanks for the feedback. Indeed the youtube are quite old. Sadly we are all very busy with producing code instead of youtube videos :slight_smile: We would love if the community would start producing more nymea related content. That’s something everyone could help with.

Anyhow, so, for your issue, I believe what you’re missing is to install the GPIO plugin. The docs here show how to install more plugins: things · documentation.

You should find the nymea-plugin-gpio in there which should make Raspberry Pi GPIOs available in your installation.

Once you’ve added a GPIO, you can add the generic switches/lights/whatnot and hook them up to the according GPIO easily in the thing settings (Main menu → configure things).