Configuring access for different users

Hi All

Is there a way to set up different access levels for different users. Starting to use nymea, and have downloaded and set the app up on my partner’s phone, but don’t want them to have full access, only access to certain virtual buttons and the thermostat setting.

Currently they connect straight in at the same access level I use, and can delete things and may accidentally re-configure something, so want to lock it down as much as possible!

Thanks in advance

In the system settings there is user management which alles to set some permissions, yes.

Thanks, can you confirm which heading it’s under, as I was searching for some thing like that last night and couldn’t find anything. Could it be because I’ve not set it up to ask for a login each time I connect?

Use the menu icon (a.k.a. hamburger) in the top left corner of the window.
In order to see the system settings, click on ‘system settings’ in the menu shown:
Within the system settings click on ‘user settings’ to see the user settings.
The wanted settings look like this

Thanks Pop

Spent ages trying to find that menu!

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