Configuration of Relay board

I have a waveshare 8 way relay board that sits on my Pi header, and I’m completely lost on how to make it work on, I have installed the BCM8235 drivers and ran the test program and can see the relay is talking to the pi, What I’m after is really simple is just 8 on/off buttons. please can someone help, I’m not good with coding software hence me wanting to use nymea

Hi @chrisswain ,

if I understand it correctly, you should be fine using the nymea-gpio plugin, configuring the 8 GPIOs using the BCM numbers as OUTPUT, and then you have your generic IO switches in nymea, which then can be bound to whatever button or service or thing you want, no coding required.

thanks I was using the wrong GPIO DEVICE many thanks

Once you set up the GPIO’s you might have a look into the IO connections within the Thing config. There you can connect them without any magic required directly with any input, or with a generic button :slight_smile:

just one last silly one

how do I set the from end so I can click on the large power button rather than the little one in the bottom right

That is kind of a design question I think, the big one is the icon showing you waht that thing is. In general a GPIO output is only a power switch in nymea, for having the proper “Thing” connected to it you could pick a generic i.e. socket or fan or whatever is connected to it (make the IO connections in the thing settings) and you get a bit more control details (might also come with future releases that we provide a bigger button for the dashboard). Also you have more information what each channel is and can start working with interface based rules like: switch off all lights (then your GPIO having a light connected to it would be switched off too).