Compatibility Inquiry - nymea and Modbus Lighting Switch

Hello community,

I’m exploring the possibility of integrating a Modbus-compatible lighting switch with the nymea smart home platform. The lighting switch operates on the Modbus RTU protocol and follows the specifications outlined in its documentation.

  1. Has anyone successfully integrated a Modbus lighting switch with nymea?
  2. Are there existing plugins or integrations for Modbus devices within the nymea platform?
  3. Are there any specific considerations or challenges when working with Modbus devices in nymea?
  4. Any recommendations or insights from the community regarding the compatibility of nymea with Modbus devices?

I appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide on this matter. Thank you!

Hi @ayobami1

there are many modbus related plugins, available in a dedicated section since the lib was not available on all platforms.

There is even a tool which generates you the connection classes doing all the annoying type work for you. Hope this helps.

This is cool !

Thanks for the timely assistance I will check it out