Communication with Home-assistant

Hello all,

I would like to know if there is a possibility to set up communication between Nymea and Home-assistant. My home is automated with Home-assistant and now I have a Maveo garagedooropener (which I really like). I would like to maintain the maveo app and cloudservice, but like to see the status of the door in Home-assistant as wel controll the door from the Home-assistant interface in my home. Should be possible, but I am not a developer.

Further info:

Hope someone can help!


Hello Kees,

For integrating maveo into home assistant I suppose the home assistant folks would be the ones you want to talk to. The recommended way would be to use the nymea JSONRPC api. As I can see on the home assistant forum you’ve already discovered the CLI, that should give you examples for python how to communicate with the nymea api. One can also use bash scripts like (replace IP-ADDRESS and PORT with values matching your nymea setup - use the app to check those settings):

cat << EOD | nc <IP-ADDRESS> <PORT>
{"id": 0, "method": "JSONRPC.Hello"}
{"id": 1, "method": "Devices.GetConfiguredDevices"}

This example would fetch all the installed devices on the nymea box.

Using such JSRONPC commands would be the best way to go for a home assistant integration. See the full documentation here:

If you can’t write a full integration for home assistant, you might be able to configure something yourself using the UDP receiver/commander plugins in nymea/maveo and send/received UDP packets between home assistant and nymea. Then use the Rule engine to match incoming UDP packages to actions opening/closing the garage gate.

Awesome, this really helps! Thanks!!

I’ll look into it