Collect data from arduino by Modbus plugin

I’m trying to collect data from an auduino connected to the Raspberry, on which I installed nymea:core. Using the Modbus Commander plugin I would like to read data from the Arduino. First question: Does the Modbus Commander plugin create a modbus master RTU? Currently the arduino is set up as slave. When I configure the new thing “Modbus RTU client”, nymea:core detects that on port ttyACM0 is connected Arduino

Anyway after the creation of the thing, the connection fails everytime.

How does the plugin check the connection with modbus device?

the modbus RTU client thing creates a modbus master instance.
I’ll check how the connection is esablished and will test it
if I can reproduce that issue.

Thank you very much Bernhard.
Let me know if you need more details to reproduce the issue.

Currently I don’t have any hardware to test with, so it will take some days unitl I get back to you with a solution.

I’ve found and fixed some potential issues

Hi Bernhard,
thank you very much. What do I have to do? I have to reinstall the plugin?
Sorry for the questions, but I’m a newbie with nymea.

Nothing to do on your side, the new version will be delivered through an update. Depending on you update channel the release will take days or weeks.

You can switch the update channel with the nymea:app:
App -> connect to nymea -> System Settings -> System update -> Configure update sources

If you select “Experimental” you will get the newest builds, but be aware this releases aren’t tested.
The Modbus commander imrpovements will be available at experiemental by tomorrow.