CoIoT/CoAP Shelly

Hi, i have seen that nymea has as lib for CoAP Support.
Is there a way to add a Shelly through that?

Hi. The current Shelly Plugin uses mqtt to talk to the shelly. It would require to change the current plugin or add a second one using coap.

Are there any advantages in using coap over mqtt?

The Shellies of the 1st generation, that are many, cannot be connected to the Shelly cloud at the same time as they use mqtt. But with CoAP they can.

For speach assistants like Google assistant is the Shelly cloud needed as nymea still has no integration. Yet!

Simon gave it a try to use libnymeas coap implentation on the shelly. It does work, however, at a first glance it seens the shellys dont support observers which in turn would require to poll them. Also older shellies dont have support for coap and apparently shelly stopped shipping firmware updates for devices that havent beed logged in into their cloud at least once.

So IMO moving to coap gives more downsides than sticking with mqtt…