Cloud register not possible

Try to create an account on cloud, tell me everytime user or password not possible

So, the password restrictions on the cloud login are somewhat strict…

It requires the password to be at least 10 characters long, contain lower- and uppercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters.

In most cases when people report this issue, auto-completion of the phone keyboard messed up the passwords.

If you are sure your password matches this criteria but it’s still not accepted, I’d be thankful if you could report such passwords so I could fix it. (Obviously if you’d report a certain password you should not use the exact same any more for your account).

If you don’t want to share this in the forum you can PM me.

In any case, @bernhard.trinnes should we maybe weaken the minimum requirments for the cloud passwords a bit? I see people struggling with this more often than I’d like to…

That was also my thought. The local password has similar requirements, this may should be adjustable in the nymea.conf file.

I got it, “+” has not be recognized as a special character

@vjoubert good catch! Thank you! Will fix this.

@bernhard.trinnes the local password actually has a minimum requirement of 8 characters, but yeah, similar on the character set. Yeah, I suppose we could make that configurable, but still, most people will see the password setup before they learn about the config, so the question is actually what the default should be.

Sure the usual user wont change the config, but it can be configured to fit certain use cases’ requirements, and the standard requirements are low, I suggest the only requirement is min 8 characters.

This has now been fixed. Thanks again for the report.