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HI. I am trying to use nymea-networkmanager to connect my RasPi to Wifi. I already managed to connect to Bluetooth and to get WiFi’s list. It was working fine till today. Today I got 3 services with wrong characteristics (e.g. 00002a05-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb) and not the ones that I need to communicate with nymea-networkmanager and Wifi (listed here: GitHub - nymea/nymea-networkmanager: This daemon allows to set up the wireless network using a Bluetooth LE connection.). I just can’t figure out what am I doing wrong since today…
I am using this library for C#: GitHub - xabre/xamarin-bluetooth-le: Bluetooth LE plugin for Xamarin
and code:

            _adapter = CrossBluetoothLE.Current.Adapter;
            _adapter.ScanMode = ScanMode.LowPower;

Thanks for any help.

That characteristic uuid seems to be a standard BT one, for “Service changed”

If you’re not getting the ones you are looking for, it most likely means that nymea-networkmanager is not running or not opening the Bluetooth server.

But it is running and open. And I can connect to it. And I could send commands and receive data. But as of today… nothing.

Then maybe your client is giving you cached service information from a discovery where it wasn’t running?

I don’t think so, because I delete client. How can I be sure that nymea open Bluetooth server?

HI. I installed new OS on Pi and now it works. I even managed to connect to the WiFi in my Xamarin Mobile App :wink:

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