Can't login with pi 3


I just installed the latest version of nymea for the pie. I cleaned the SD card, installed the image on it, connected my pie to Lan, power on and I got into the login procedure. It says: Debian GNU/Linux 9 nymea ttyl
nymea login:
Then I wrote nymea@nymea.local and I also tried the IP-Adress way. After that, I typed in nymea as my password. But it only says: Login incorrect. What’s wrong?

Can you help me



Hi Lennnart,

have you used following command:
ssh nymea@nymea.local
Password: nymea

I guess you are already familiar with the nymea wiki:

If the error remains. pls provide me the Raspberry Pi model you use 3 B+, 3A …
and which image you’ve installed, so I can try to reproduce it.


I don’t really know what ssh means. In my version is only nymea login:. Should I write ssh in front of the login Adress? I have this image: 2018-12-20-nymea-debian-stretch-9-armhf-raspberry-pi-3.img and the raspberry pie 3 B V 1.2.

Thanks for the quick response!

P.S. Sorry but I’m new in this area…

Alright, which operating system do you use? (as host system e.g. windows, macOS, Ubuntu …)

In the moment I’m working on a windows 10 computer

It’s right that I installed the image and started it on my pi, isn’t it?

I’m a bit confused.

How did you install the image on the Pi?
I recommend to use Etcher to get the image on the SD-Card.

The latest nymea image is this one:
Unzip the image before loading into etcher.

Once the SD-Card is flashed and the Pi has booted, you just have to install the nymea app for iOS or Android available in the iOS or Google Play store. As long as the smart phone is in the same network as the raspberry pi the app will find nymea and connect to it .

My first assumption was, that you want to ssh in to the Raspberry Pi for that you will need some advanced knowledge. Here is a guide on how ssh works on windows 10:

Hi Lennart,

Do you have a keyboard and a display attached to your raspberry pi? Or perhaps a touchscreen?

In that case, the username is “nymea” and the password is “nymea” too. No need to insert the IP. The instructions Bernhard gave you are meant to connect remotely from a PC to the Raspberry Pi because most people don’t have a display/keyboard attached to it.

However, I doubt that this is actually what you want because all you can do there is some really advanced configuration tuning. Instead, after having the Raspberry Pi installed, just use nymea:app from your mobile phone (install it from Play Store/iTunes Store) and connect to your Raspberry Pi from there.

Another option would be to try our new prerelease community image which comes with a UI when there is a display connected. Then you can use the complete nymea system from the Raspberry Pi without the need of a mobile phone. You can find it at

Hope this helps, please let us know how it goes.

I can’t use the UI edition because I want to do this project…

any advice?

The etcher tip also didn’t changed anything =(

Actually, if you’re doing that project, the UI edition is exactly what you want. You’ll get exactly this as a result.

xD thank you very much

Perfect solution =)

And there I’m again… I connected my pi with the software to my Touchscreen but now I don’t know what to do next I tried wireless setup and the normal setup but I can’t find any boxes… I tried it on my Android phone and my Windows 10 laptop. I’m completly confused



Hmm… This seems like a bug… I will need to look into that…

In the meantime, you could try to connect the Raspberry Pi via LAN cable and reboot. That might work around this.

I also can’t connect it to wifi altough I plugged the Lan cabel🤔 Maybe I am doing something wrong

So, after plugging in the LAN cable you were able to use the app on the touch screen (except for connecting to wifi)?

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Yes, I did, everything seems to be like in the mobile app

Now I reinstall the software and it worked! But new Problems were waiting… I can’t come back when I’m in a setting or other window apart of the homescreen. And I also can’t configurate the light settings… also feels like a bug. Is there a work around or tip?

I think I have fixed the issue with the connection problem when there is no cable connected. Thanks for letting me know. I will build a new image tonight and let you know when it is is ready.

Connecting WiFi worked fine for me… if it still doesn’t work for you, let me know.

Not sure I understand enough of your other issues. Can you explain with more details please?

The wifi thing is good now and I was able to connect, but then the back buttons didn’t work in the interface… And when I touch the light widget nothing happens altough I connected it to my hue bridge. Like the colour settings etc. I know it should work because it works on my phone.

Thank you very much for your effort🙏

Can you please go to app settungs, about nymea:app, then click the owl 10 times to enable developer mode. Than go back into app settings and then developer settings. Enable app logging. Then try to switch a light. When it failed, go to app settings again, open the log viewer and send me a screen shot of that.

Also, please send me Screenshots of the pages where the back button is not working.

I will look into those issues and fix them.
I am sorry you are experiencing such problems, the image with nymea:app included is very new and not even Publicly released yet. I appreciate your testing effort and feedback a lot.