Can't connect to Pi from iPhone 13

I am new here, so please bear with me.

I downloaded the image file and burned it to an SD card with Etcher. Installed in a Pi 3B, and temporarily connected an HDMI monitor to verify it was booting correctly - all good. Downloaded the BerryLan app from the Apple AppStore to my iPhone 13, and ran it, granting the requested permissions. The Bluetooth icon has a spinning red ring around it, and sometimes, especially if I just rebooted the Pi, it finds a device named “BT WLAN”. If I tap on that it tries to connect, the spinning ring moves to the WLAN icon, and there it gets stuck indefinitely.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong? I’d appreciate some guidance on getting this going, as I’m evaluating for a possible commercial license if it works as we need it to, or can be modified to do so.


I may have found an issue in the code last night which could cause this. It seems the Bluetooth chip resets some seconds after the boot process with newer versions of the Raspberry Pi image. Sometimes, especially with slower SD cards, nymea-networkmanager would start the Bluetooth service before that happens and not react on it properly.
Would you mind trying again with the latest experimental images from and report back please? It should contain a fix for this.

That did the trick. I’d tried with a Pi4 last night and it worked with the original image I downloaded. The experimental image you linked to worked on both the Pi3B and Pi4.


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I had a similar problem with image 2022-01-01-berrylan-bullseye-lite.
Connecting from iPhone 11 and 12 to Raspi Zero W worked fine just at the really first attempt. Reconnecting after WLAN SSID changed, I had to give a lot of reboots and tries and waiting time.
Then changed to experimental 2022-02-21-berrylan-bullseye-lite.img, everything workes fine!

Great job! :slight_smile:

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