Cannot find Unipi

Hi all, I trying the Hot Tube tuto and with old nymea release works fine, now I have a unipi 1.1 and install nymea 0.16, i cannot find unipi, please help me.

Hi Valentin,

I did a complete rework of the UniPi plug-in.
You need to install the nymea-plugin-unipi2, then add a “UniPi 1” device,
this is needed so nymea knows which unipi model you are using. Afterwards
you will be able to add digital inputs and outputs.

Please note, 1-Wire sensors are now in a segregated plug-in called nymea-plugin-onewire. Evok is not needed anymore, you can now use the nymea Raspberry Pi image
without additional setup steps.


Hi Bernhard, thank you for your Answer, could you please tell me how install the nymea-plugin unipi2?
Kind Regards

Finally found out about the app update how to in tall plugin. Now is working fine .

Great to hear. There are two ways on how to install a plug-in.

If you are using the latest nymea Buster image, then the package “nymea-update-plugin-packagekit” is installed and new plug-ins can be installed via the nymea:app:
System settings -> System Update -> Install or remove software -> nymea-plugin-unipi2 -> install

In case the nymea update package is not installed, you need to ssh into your Raspberry Pi and execute following commands:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install nymea-plugin-unipi2
sudo systemctl restart nymead
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