Can I use BerryLan for commercial use?

I would like to use BerryLan for an IoT product in commercial use. Can I do it? If so under which type of open source license?

Hi @Ronke

Please find the license information on the nymea website at:

Also don’t hesitate to contact the team via the contact form at which will help you working out a solution fitting for your needs.

I could not find a license associated with Berrylan on Github in the root. Is it the same LGPL3?
I do see them in individual header files.

Yes. All of nymeas software (including BerryLan) is licensed the same way. It’s dual licensed with GPLv3 and then there is a commercial license available for purchasing to build closed source commercial products. There are also different models for that, ranging from simple binary purchases to full SDK licenses which allow customizing the entire stack.

Again, if in doubt which license fits for your product, the nymea team is happy to help you working it out.