Can I do this with Nymea programming?

I have Merkury bulbs and plugs, I Home plug, Zolo speakers, google mini speakers, blackweb soundbar, tuyasmart and smartpoint wifi remote pucks. With nymea it can discover Merkury lights and I can make a thing for them but nothing happens. My goal is to make a RPI 7inch touch panel that I can configure pages with the most common buttons that I use. TV vol, ch, mute and power. Lighting control. If not with Nymea is there another program that can do this. I can do Crestron but their google assistant is limited, I have to control my TV like a light so all lights off shuts off the TV also plus with Crestron it can only control what I can connect to it via IR or serial. Don’t know how or If I can control over ethernet from Crestron. I want touch control so I don’t mute TV sound with every command. Using a different mic and killing sound bar mic helps but I still want touch control. Add, older 2012 model LG, 3d TV with IR, serial and Ethernet control and power up via HDMI.

Hi @pfeifer, welcome to nymea.

hmm… so many questions, I don’t even know where to start…
In general, I do think all that stuff should be doable with nymea, however, we might need a little tweaking here and there still as you’re listing quite a bit of hardware we haven’t had much experience with so far.

So let’s tackle one by one, starting with the Merkury stuff.

Are you using them through the Tuya cloud and have added the Tuya cloud account? If I understand that correctly, they will appear but won’t be working properly then?

If those assumptions are right, please send me the nymea logs. Enable the debug interface in System Settings -> Developer tools, then open the debug interface in the browser, go to the Logs tab, enable the Tuya logs and set up the devices again. Then grab the logs from there and post them here please.

I have 9 Merkury light bulbs, 1 plug and 1 LED strip that use geeni app to setup and operate and work in google home. 1 iHome plug uses iHome app to setup and works in google home. 1 Smartpoint Home WIFI IR remote. 1 Tuya Smart IR remote. These IR remotes let me control power on/off using google home and I can relearn a power button to what I want from original remotes. 1 Crestron automation controller is programmed with SIMPL and links with google home using Crestron SmartHome. This is limited, so far I set my LG T to act like a light, unfortunately it controls when using all lights commands. 3 Mojo Zolo speakers there is a zolo app, not sure it helps but speakers work with google home. 1 blackweb soundbar works with google home, a pain to set up. When setting up thing looking for network devices I see the Merkury and blackweb devices, my cell phone that I tether from and an android phone only used for setup and home control not as a phone. I want to set up touch panel control with feedback. I don’t see my devices in the controllable lists. Can they be controled via generic? Any way forward? Thanks.