Buderus heating

Hey there,

a while ago I started to work on a plugin that would allow nymea to connect to a buderus heating system.
Now that there’s a forum, I thought this might be worth mentioning - even though I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it in the last months.

So far the plugin deals with setting up the basic connection to the gateway device KM200 and then reads a single value (the outdoor temperature).

The next steps would be to add more values such as burner status and temps, infos about the hot water and solor circuit(s).

Source code can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/fetzerch/guh-plugin-buderus. The project also includes a small script that can simulate the heating as well as a wireshark dissector plugin to monitor the communication.

Maybe this is useful if a dev in the community has a similar heating system and wants to get his hands on the code.


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Sadly, I don’t have such a heating system, however, I’d definitely be interested in integrating your plugin into the main plugin collection once it’s ready. If you need any support in completing it, please let me know!

Also, lately we’ve introduced the concept of interfaces for plugins. I see that your code doesn’t make use of that yet. And also we don’t have an interface for heating systems yet. It would be great if you could make use of the existing ones (temperature sensor for example) and let me know your requirements for such a interface for heatings so we can add that to nymea to make your plugin even better.