BroadBand RM4 Pro usage

I have a series of Bali motorized blinds which use z-wave. If I purchase a Broadband RM4 Pro (which is supposed to capture the blinds) and can link to alexa (but not what I want to do) can or will Nymea be able to control the blinds operation (thru the broadband hub)?

Right now there is no nymea plugin for this. I just googled around a bit and there seems to be a python lib on github which can control this device.

So I guess it should be possible with no bigger problems to create a nymea plugin. This seems to have quite a lot of features tho, so it will be a bit of work to support everything.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Sure seems an interesting device. Afaik none of us active devs have such a device for testing atm so don’t expect us to jump on it right now but I’ll keep it in mind for when I’m looking for new gadgets to play with.

clearly there is much I do not understand in the details of Nymea or Broadlink but might this link be a better suggestion to follow (just looking for you opinion). for integration with NYMEA.
Yes I understand it is not on your list to do in any case at this time.
I am definitely interested in getting my z-wave shades under control of my automation system.
also thanks for the quick reply.

There is another thread about Z-Wave too right now and we discussed it for a while today… Not sure when someone will start working on it, but we’ve figured out a plan how we’d do it eventually.

Thanks for the other github link.

Glad you have a plan. I will be watching for it.

Just to be clear, I was really interested in the Broadlink RM4 as it would copy the commands from the hand link RF to the shades and translate them to something simpler by a home automation system. Do not know how that fits your plan but though I would be clear. looks like they have done half of the job already.