Bose soundtouch presets

Hi, I just started using nymea:app on my Ubuntu touch phone with my Rpi 3B, and I would like to thank you for making possible to control my Bose soundtouch speaker from my favorite OS. Works excellent!

There is still one more feature I would like to kindly ask you for. Is there any possibility to add speaker preset control to the nymea:app?

The speaker has six preset buttons where I have saved my favorite 5 streaming radio channels + deezer favorite songs, in my case.

Curently I can just listen to the latest preset, I or my family have listened to. I cannot switch from my phone and have to do manually or find the original remote control, and you know how children are. They never leave things on the right place.

Please help. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you. milkor73

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Hi milkor73,

thanks for the kind words!
I’ll add the Presets buttons to the Bose plug-in.
Watch out for the next release!


The plug-in is now able to store presets and browse already created presets

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Hi Bernhard , thank you very very much. great news. That will be awesome . Thx. My best regards. Milan /milkor73/