BerryLan 1.0.26 released!

Finally, BerryLan 1.0.26 now supports connecting to open Wifis and open up Access Points.

Note that this also requires nymea-networkmanager 0.1.7 on the Raspberry Pi.

Hi there, how do I get the version 0.1.7 of the nymea-networkmanager? I have just installed the latest version fresh and if i run nymea-networkmanager -v it shows 0.5.0

Now 0.5.0 is higher than 0.1.7 but that version seems to be a few months old and I know that some changes were made to accept open wifi recently.

Kind regards and happy new year!

Note that the fix for open wifis has not been in nymea-networkmanager, but in libnymea-networkmanager (0.2.1).

So what you want is:

  • libnymea-networkmanager 0.2.1
  • nymea-networkmanager 0.5.0
  • BerryLan 1.0.26

Best regards and happy new year to you too!